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13 mars - 24
Hammar firar 50 år av innovation
2024 markerar 50 år sedan Bengt-Olof Hammar satte sig vid ritbordet och tog fram konceptet för den första Hammarliften, och grundade Hammar Maskin. Sedan dess har företaget vuxit till en global...
Trade Show 2024
04 april - 24
Trade show & event programme 2024
Welcome to visit us at any of these exciting trade shows during 2024! In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we will have extra large booths to explore at many of the shows. Follow this page to keep...
Hammar Trade Show 2023
20 januari - 23
Hammar Trade Show Programme 2023
Welcome to visit us at any of these leading trade shows during 2023! Follow this page to keep yourself updated as more trade shows are added and new information is added.
06 mars - 23
FCM Hammar model in German magazine TruckModell
German magazine TruckModell recently featured the unique and true-to-nature 1:14 scale FCM Hammar model 160. The magazine highlighted the exquisite level of detail in the model, which accurately...
Hammar 110 Sideloader Megareach Lifting 40Ft
14 mars - 23
First Hammar 110 delivered to the US
Seattle Container Transportation Inc. (SCT) has received the first Hammar 110 model in the United States. This high-end Sideloader is equipped with 79,300 lbs (36 tonnes) lifting capacity, a...
Bild 4 Edit Web
12 april - 23
Hammar at NPSA 2023 trade show
2-4th April Hammar attended the annual National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) trade show in the US, Las Vegas. The event was a great success! Our team, including David Gustafsson, Daniel...
Transport 2023 Denmark
02 maj - 23
Hammar at Transport 2023 in Denmark
20th-22nd April Hammar proudly participated at Transportmessen 2023 in Herning, Denmark. Our stand featured the latest version of the Hammar 195 HC, equipped with 36-tonnes lifting capacity,...
Heinser Fittschen Hammar
11 maj - 23
Supporting Heinser Fittschen driving for charity
At Hammar, we believe in making dreams come true. That's why we are proud to support Heinser Fittschen, a German group of nine childhood friends who are fulfilling their dream of driving vintage...
Team Hammar Brisbanetruckshow
23 maj - 23
Hammar at Brisbane Truck Show 2023
From the 18th to the 21st of May, Hammar attended the Brisbane Truck Show 2023, the premiere show for Trucking & Transportation in Australia. Our showcased products included the Australian...
RTX 2023
15 juni - 23
Hammar will be at Road Transport Expo in the UK
We're excited to announce that Hammar will attend Road Transport Expo 2023 in the UK! Join us 28-30 June at NAEC Stoneleigh to explore our latest news and innovations. Connect with our team at stand...
6 Sideloaders Lined Up Army
11 augusti - 23
Hammar supplies 12 new 190 HB units to Czech Army
Hammar Defence has, together with Scania and Contsystem s.r.o. successfully delivered 12 new Hammar 190 HB mounted on Scania R590 8x8 trucks to the Czech Army. The units are equipped with 25-tonnes...
Transport Logistikk 2023 NO
25 augusti - 23
Hammar will be @ Transport & Logistikk 2023 Norway
28-30 September this year Hammar will attend Transport & Logistikk 2023 in Norway. Meet our team in Lillestrøm at stand U-09 to see our latest news and innovations. We hope to see you there! Learn...
Hammar Iceland Service
07 december - 23
New Service agent on Iceland
We're excited to announce our new service agent in Iceland, Sleggjan ehf! Sleggjan brings decades of expertise in servicing trailers and commercial vehicles and will strengthen our capabilities...
Trade Show Programme 2022
17 februari - 22
Hammar Trade Show Programme 2022
Welcome to visit us at any of these leading trade shows during 2022! Follow this page to keep yourself updated as more trade shows are added and new information is added.
MCVE 2022 Hammar Sideloader Setup
23 mars - 22
Hammar at MCVE 2022 in Malaysia
10-12th March Hammar once again attended the MCVE 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, South East Asia's largest exhibition for commercial vehicles. Our stand at the show featured a first look at the...
70Th Sideloader Enger Transport
17 maj - 22
70th Sideloader, 45 years as a customer
One of our longest standing customers, Enger Transport in Norway, recently received their 70th Sideloader from Hammar. It’s been 45 years since they bought their first Hammar in 1977! We’re proud to...
Hammar NPSA 2022
24 maj - 22
Hammar at 2022 North American Trade shows
During the end of April Hammar visited two of the premier trade shows in North America, Truck World 2022 in Toronto, Canada and the NPSA conference 2022 in Denver, United States. Hammarlift Inc., a...
2022 Production Expansion Begins
02 juni - 22
Hammar expands production in new €2 million investment
Increasing demands for Sideloaders and new sales records in 2021 and 2022 have led to the decision to expand the Hammar production facilities in Sweden. The expansion started on 28th March 2022 and...
Hammar 160 S FC 1 14 Scale Model
05 juli - 22
Launching new scale 1:14 Hammar 160 build model
We're happy to introduce the first official 1:14 scale Hammar Sideloader crane model, the FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14! This is a unique, life-like, high-quality model of the Hammar 160, built and designed...
Hammar At Elmia Lastbil 2022 (3)
30 augusti - 22
Hammar at Elmia Lastbil 2022
After a 4 year break, Hammar has once again attended Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping, Sweden's largest transport & trucking exhibition. The event was held during 24th-27th August, and the Hammar booth...
IAA Hammar Group Photo
26 september - 22
Hammar at IAA Transportation 2022
19th - 25th September Hammar attended IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover, Germany, the world's largest mobility show. With the show going on a break since 2018, it was great to be back again in...
IMG 2920 E
30 november - 22
Trofasta anställda på Hammar
Vi på Hammar Maskin är stolta över att ha flera anställda som jobbat hos oss under flera år. I år firar vi produktutvecklare Claes Andersson och ekonomichef Lars-Erik Stendahl som jobbat på Hammar i...
Hammar Trucking Industry Show
12 december - 22
Hammar at Trucking Industry Show 2022, New Zealand
25-26th November Hammar attended the TMC Trucking Industry Show 2022 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It's been an amazing event and it was great to once again meet both old and new customers at the...
Hammar Sideloader Electric Power Pack
07 januari - 21
Introducing Electric Powered Sideloaders
In 2013, Hammar built the world’s first electric powered Sideloader in Australia. Now Hammar launches its electric power pack on a world-wide scale in the first major push towards green alternatives...
Hammar 110 Wideleg Sideloader
11 februari - 21
40 tonnes SWL & new WideLeg option for Hammar 110
Two new options are now available for the Hammar 110 model. 40 tonnes SWL (Safe Working Load) for extra heavy duty, and a new support leg option, "WideLeg". The new heavy duty option allows the...
Hammar Megareach Extension News
04 mars - 21
Next-generation MegaReach crane extensions
Introducing the next generation of Hammar MegaReach Crane extensions. Integrated extensions, longer reach and an increased Safe Working Load allowing you to stack containers weighing up to 17 tonnes...
Trade Show Programme 2021
11 maj - 21
Hammar trade show programme 2021
Welcome to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2021! Follow this post to keep yourself updated as more trade shows will be added over time.
Brisbane Truck Show Hammar 2021
20 maj - 21
Hammar at the Brisbane Truck Show 2021
The Brisbane Truck Show is over and it has proven once more to be a big success. The Hammar stand at the show was continually busy, with the new Australian Split-tri concept exhibited receiving huge...
DK + NO Transport Exhibition
22 september - 21
Hammar at Denmark and Norway transport exhibitions
During the last 3 weeks of September, Hammar has attended two exhibitions, Transport Gardermoen 2021 in Norway and Transport 2021 in Herning, Denmark. The shows have been a great success and we're...
Service Partner, Kone Pistemaa Oy
09 mars - 20
New Service partner in Finland
We're excited to introduce our new Service partner, Kone Pistemaa Oy, located in Oulu, northern Finland. Kone Pistemaa will offer high quality service, spare parts and repairs for all of our...
Hammar@Trucking Industry Show
08 mars - 20
New Zealand Trucking Industry show
20th-21st March Hammar New Zealand will attend the Trucking Industry Show at the Canterbury Agricultural Park in Christchurch. Our booth will feature two of the popular Hammar 110. One quad 110 S,...
Hammar 110 NZ Deliveries
09 juli - 20
The Hammar 110: a growing success
Since its release in 2017 the Hammar 110 has steadily increased in popularity. The combination of excellent transfer capabilities, added versatility of the double-action support leg and the lowest...
Hammar 110, Martin Andreasson Transport
23 september - 20
TEST: Fuel savings with lighter Sideloaders
Hammar has, together with Martin Andreasson Transport AB in Gothenburg, performed a live test on how much fuel can be saved with Sideloaders with lower tare weights. The findings point to significant...
First 195 Gooseneck 36T
11 december - 20
Increased lifting capacity on Gooseneck Sideloaders
Hammar Sideloaders equipped with a gooseneck chassis, a requirement in many countries to carry High Cube (9’ 6”) containers below the legal maximum height, are now available with an a higher SWL...
Hammar Trade Show 2019 Main
24 februari - 19
Hammar trade show programme 2019
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2019!
Hammar Transport Fair Denmark 2019 1
26 mars - 19
Hammar at Transportmessen Denmark
During 21st -23rd March 2019 Hammar attended Transportmessen 2019 in Herning, Denmark. At the show we exhibited the Hammar 110 for the first time in Denmark. The Hammar 110 exhibited came with...
Hammar 153 Malaysia
08 maj - 19
45 tonnes Hammar 153 model launched in Malaysia
During the weekend Hammar Malaysia celebrated the unveiling of the new 45 tonnes Hammar 153 model, together with customer and the first owner of the model, BW Group. It's the first 45-tonne version...
Hammar Malaysia Chris Joon Meeting
04 november - 19
Investors and Malaysian parliament member meets
Executive Director of Hammar Malaysia, Chris Joon, was invited today by the Swedish Ambassador, his excellency Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, to attend a meeting with Swedish investors and the Malaysian...
45 Symbol
19 november - 19
45 years with Hammar
This year we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and 45 years of designing and manufacturing Sideloaders. We are proud to be the world leading producer of Sideloaders, and we will continue to...
IAA 2018 Main
03 oktober - 18
Hammar at IAA 2018
During 20th and 27th September Hammar attended the world’s largest exhibition for commercial vehicles in Hannover, Germany: The 67th IAA commercial vehicles. Together with our co-exhibitor, Schmid...
Hammartradeshow 2018
06 februari - 18
HAMMAR trade show programme 2018
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2018!
40 Year Old Hammar Sideloader
31 januari - 18
The story of a 41 year old Hammarlift
The Island of Guadeloupe is the home of many Sideloaders. It’s also home to one of the oldest Sideloaders in daily operation. This HAMMAR was manufactured and delivered in 1977 and was the 6th...
Hammar Elmia Lastbil 2018
02 september - 18
Hammar at Elmia Lastbil 2018
During 22-25th August Hammar attended Elmia Lastbil 2018, the largest transport and haulage exhibition in Sweden. This made it our 16th consecutive year attending and the event was a great success.
Hammar Service Agent Iceland Veltir
14 november - 18
New Service partner in Iceland
We are happy to announce and introduce our new Service Partner on Island – Veltir.
Hammar Production Expand 2018
13 juli - 18
Hammar production expands
5th May 2018 the first ground was broken for a new expansion of our Headquarters production facilities in Sweden. Today the project is marching forward at high speed.
American Towman 2017
05 januari - 17
Introducing Hammar recovery & towing trailer
We at Hammar are excited to take a first step into a completely new handling area for the HAMMAR sideloader; vehicle towing and vehicle recovery!
Trade Show 2017
10 februari - 17
Hammar trade show programme 2017
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2017! <strong>The Florida Tow Show </strong> April 20-23th. One of Floridas largest towing show. We will be available at TLC...
In Development Ultra Light
27 februari - 17
In development – Hammar Ultra Light
Tare weight is becoming increasingly important on the Sideloader market. While most of the Hammar Sideloader models already are the lightest in the industry, we always strive to do better. Because of...
Introducing 110 Model Main
09 mars - 17
Introducing the Hammar 110
During THE Expo 2017, 2-4th March in New Zealand, the new HAMMAR 110 was unveiled for the world for the first time. The HAMMAR 110 is our latest, heavy duty sideloader model and comes with three new...
The EXPO 2017 Main
21 mars - 17
THE Expo 2017
During 2nd to 4th March 2017, Hammar visited THE Expo 2017, in New Zealand, and it’s our biggest showing to date. The event featured the reveal of the HAMMAR 110 model, as well as a wide range of...
MCVE 2017 Main
05 juni - 17
At the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo 2017
During 18-20th May Hammar was attending the Malaysian Commercial Vehicle Expo 2017. Present at the event was Director of Hammar Australia, Peter Levison, Director of Hammar Malaysia, Chris Joon and...
29 juni - 17
Hammar will be part of the annual event for the National Antarctic Programs around the world, COMNAP AGM XXIX. The event will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, during 28th July to 2nd August. At the...
Brisbane Truck Show 2017
12 juli - 17
Brisbane Truck Show 2017
The Brisbane Truck Show is one of the best shows for Hammar worldwide. This year, our 18th consecutive visit, we had a steady stream of high quality enquiries from new and existing clients. One of...
American Towman 2017
02 november - 17
American Towman Exposition, Baltimore 2017
Hammar and TLC Truck & Equipment will be visiting the American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, USA, November 17th – 19th. Together we will present a brand new cost-effective solution for light...
07 oktober - 16
SOLAS weighing system for Hammar Sideloaders
Hammar is happy to announce that our new SOLAS* approved weighing system finally is available to be equipped on our Sideloaders!
Hammar Trade Show 2016
19 oktober - 16
Hammar trade show programme 2016
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2016!
Hammar Malaysia Expands
29 oktober - 15
Hammar Malaysia Expands
September 10th our brand new office and factory opened, a cermony where 250 customers, supplyers, personell and other asociates particpated. This new site is an investment and comitment to expand in...
Golden Gate Repair Hammar
24 april - 14
Hammar lifts help repairing the Golden Gate Bridge
Two HAMMAR 151 HC units are used on the Golden Gate Bridge to replace the bridge deck. Work is performed during night time, to minimize impact on the daily traffic of about 100,000 vehicles. The...
NPSA Las Vegas October 25 27
02 november - 11
NPSA Show in Las Vegas
In October Hammar USA participated in the Annual NPSA Trade Show in Las Vegas. This year we teamed up with our client, Park Johnstead from Containerlifters, Portland, OR. Together with HAMMAR Lift’s...
First Electric Sideloader News
28 april - 13
The first Electric Sideloader in the world
Since the company was founded by Bengt-Olof Hammar in 1974, Hammar’s manufacturing efforts worldwide have been solely focused on sideloaders. From the start, the units have been powered by a diesel...
Unique 3 Crane TRT Sideloader
28 april - 13
Hammar acquire unique TRT Sideloader busines
Hammar New Zealand Limited has purchased the 3-crane Sideloader business of Hamilton-based Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) Ltd to broaden its range in the New Zealand market. The acquisition will create more...
Hammar Logo
22 februari - 12
Hammar trade show programme 2012
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2012! Business has picked up in most parts of the world and Hammar is still in the forefront and looking ahead to serve our...
Hammar World Record Strongest Sideloader
29 juni - 11
Världens starkaste sidlastare
Den 27 juni 2011 lyfte Hammar Maskin AB framgångsrikt en container som vägde 60 ton med hjälp av en HAMMAR 157 H av standardmodell. På plats vid evenemanget fanns press, ett TV-team och all personal...
Hammar 155 Megatransfer
24 oktober - 11
Introducing the Hammar 155 Mega Transfer
Hammar introduces the new MEGA stabilizer leg for the 150 Series sideloader, the Hammar 155. Designed for easy and safe transfer of containers to and from companion chassis and rail wagons, even...
Lowest Sideloader
24 april - 11
The World's lowest Sideloader?
Hammar has, in cooperation with Trailerpartner A/S delivered what we believe to be the lowest built Sideloader in the world to the Faroe Islands. The ground clearance of this 160 S chassis is...
Hammar Logo
17 februari - 11
Hammar trade show programme 2011
We invite you to visit us at any of these popular trade shows during 2011! Business has picked up in most parts of the world and Hammar is still in the forefront and looking ahead to serve our...
Hammar Rig Lifter
24 september - 10
New Hammar 151 Rig loader
Hammar has developed a 42 Tonne Rig Lifter Sideloader specifically designed to lift and handle equipment for land based oil and gas drilling rigs, up to18 metres long and up to 5.6 metres wide. It...
24 maj - 10
Gothenburgs New Ferris Wheel
”The Gothenburg Wheel” has been inaugurated by the city´s prominent politicians, as well as by the public. Half the size of its famous London cousin, the London Eye, it has been erected in less than...
Hammar Logo
26 februari - 10
Hammar trade show programme 2010
Meet us at any of these trade shows during 2010! In the aftermath of the world wide economic recession, we are already seeing a positive change in an increasing interest and order level for our...
Patent Hammar Vs Steelbro
24 mars - 10
Hammar wins infringement case against Steelbro
New Zealand’s Court of Appeal in Christchurch has judged Steelbro guilty of infringement on HAMMAR’s patent on a new sideloader stabiliser leg design. “The unanimous decision of the court upholds...
Laser Cuter
14 april - 09
Automatic laser cutter increases quality
Our new top of the line automatic laser cutter system has just come on stream. It is a 4 kW Mazak Space Gear 510 Mk II, connected to a steel sheet tower magazine and a loader, allowing the laser...
Robot Welding
24 augusti - 09
Robot welding speeds up production
Like many others, Hammar was also hit by the economic recession in 2008/2009. Now, when the wind has turned, we are determined to be ready for the increased production without letting our customers...
250 Hammar Malaysia
10 augusti - 08
Hammar Malaysia delivers the 250th Hammarlift
In July 2008 Hammar Malaysia marked another milestone in Hammar’s world wide sales, as they delivered the 250th HAMMAR in Malaysia to customer Dayang Mewah in Port Klang. The unit was one of five in...
500Th Hammarlift
15 april - 08
Hammar Australia delivers the 500th Hammarlift
In April 2008 Hammar Australia delivered its 500th HAMMAR to roll on Australian roads. To the customer,Rocke Brothers Pty Ltd in Melbourne, this was their eighth Sideloader. Rocke Brothers move about...
Expands Again
23 augusti - 06
Hammar expands again
Hardly the concrete of the last construction had dried before Hammar in Sweden (HQ) builds out additional production premises. It is the high demand around the world on HAMMAR´s sideloaders, both new...
Hammar Australia Expands
06 september - 06
Hammar Australia Expands
The increased demand for HAMMAR Equipment around Australia has given Hammar the incentive to invest in a new Service Centre in Brisbane, as a first step in a large investment plan. “We will now be...
Arctic container Lifting foot plates
11 november - 06
Hammar Sideloaders in the Antarctic
Hammar Lift in USA has recently delivered a HAMMAR 195 HB for attachment onto a 20’ sledge for transport and handling of 20’ ISO containers in the Antarctic. The sledge is pulled by a snow cat and...
Focus Safety
20 april - 05
With a focus on Safety
Hammar has always put focus on and taken the operator’s safety into consideration when using sideloaders. It is therefore the training of the driver/operator is always included in the commissioning...
Hammar Sideloader Double Chassis Introduced
15 oktober - 04
Hammar launching "Hammar Double"
We are proud to again show the trucking industry that Hammar leads the development of sideloaders. The latest option available we call “Hammar Double”. With a turntable mounted in the back of the...