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Hammar has considerable experience adapting our Sideloaders for various levels of heavy terrain, from the icy antarctica to mining operations in tropical climates. We are the only company delivering Sideloaders to Antartica operations. Thanks to our long experience we can adapt our products to your situation, everything from extra heavy duty axles to trailers adapted for articulated dumpers.

+ Deliver containers and flats anywhere, any time.
+ A single vehicle and operator for both transport and lifting
+ Cost-efficient - A single Sideloader can replace more than one of the already costly off-road vehicles.
+ More efficient handling and unloading
+ Safe and weather resistant 2+2 point lifting

Hammar terrain solutions

Sideloader Flatrack Excavator

Heavy terrain trailer

Hammar trailer adapted for extreme terrain conditions.

Sideloader Sledge Polar

Snow, ice and extreme cold

We provide everything from standard trailers adapted for snowy/icy roads to Sideloaders that can be mounted on a sledge or a snow groomer.

Hammar ATMAT ISL Sideloader

Mounted on an off-road vehicle

Our Sideloaders can be mounted on a number of different off-road vehicles, such as articulated vehicles, off-road trucks and tracked vehicles.

Terrain Options Sideloader

Standard trailer terrain options

Hammar provides a number of heavy duty equipment for our more standard trailers, such as leaf suspension with centerpoint bogie, heavy duty axles, off-road pattern tyres and more.

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Sideloader Transport Terrain Water
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Arctic container Lifting foot plates
Hammar Sideloaders Dumper
Sideloader On Forest Harvester
Sidelifter Terrain Water
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