Hammar  140

16 tonnes Safe Working Load, tare weight 3,5 tonnes.

Hammar 140 Hotspot
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16 tonnes lifting capacity

16 tonnes lifting capacity for handling of empty or medium loaded containers.

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Extra crane reach

Has extreme crane reach when handling containers weighing 5 tonnes or less.

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Independent unit

The Hammar 140 has its own power pack and works independently of any truck.

Switch lifting side

You can easily switch lifting sides on the Hammar 140 by turning it around.

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Clip-on unit

The Hammar 140 can easily be mounted and unmounted on trailers and trucks with 20' container twist locks.

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Extendable support leg

The Hammar 140 has a extendable support legs with a single support position. Simple and easy to use.

Why the Hammar 140 Sideloader?

The Hammar 140 is a unique clip-on unit, where you can mount the frame onto any truck or trailer that has standard 20’ twist lock positions and space for the cranes. This means you can use it on many different vehicles, and you can easily change the lifting side by turning it around.
The unit is easily installed or removed by using the built-in support legs to lift it, or by using a forklift.
The 140 is an excellent choice for empty or lightly loaded 20’ containers. The cranes are fixed and the support legs are extendable. The 140 has an extreme crane reach of 4.0 meters (from the center of the chassis), meaning it can easily transfer lighter loads and empty containers to almost any chassis or rail wagons. The Hammar 140 is the best choice when you want all the advantages of a clip on unit, and want to handle empty or up to medium loaded containers of a single size.

Hammar 140 sideloader container to ground

Lifting from/to ground level

Easy, fast and safe handling to/from ground level. A full handling cycle takes 3-4 minutes.

Hammar 140 clip-on Transfer

Transfer to/from another chassis

Thanks to its excellent crane reach the Hammar 140 can place containers/cargo up to 5 tonnes outside the support leg range. This makes it easy to transfer to any chassis or rail wagon.

Hammar 140 mount sequence 2

Mounting the clip-on unit

The Hammar 140 is installed by lifting up the chassis on its own support legs and driving the vehicle below it, or by using a forklift. Lock the twist locks on the 140 frame and you are good to go!

140 mounted with a forklift

Mounting the clip-on unit

The 140 is equipped with tyne pockets for forklift, making it easy to move around without a truck or trailer if needed.

Image Gallery

Hammar 140 container sideloader Canada
Hammar 140 sideloader container transport
Hammar 140 sideloader lifting from ground
Hammar 140 mount sequence 1
Hammar 140 mount sequence 2
Hammar 140 mount sequence 3
Hammar 140 sidelifter container depot
Hammar 140 sideloader dolly
140 B, 20' (AU, Reefer)
140 B, 20' Delivered (SE)
140 B, Lifting Pickup Truck (US)
140 B, Pickup Truck (US)
140 containerized office
140 B, Mounted, No Load

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