Hammar low

bed trailer

Hammar Sideloader Low Bed Trailer

The Self-loading Hammar low bed trailer is an excellent choice for handling high loads such as open-topp containers, flat racks, special transports and more. It can also serve towing companies and wreckers working as a side loading tow truck, easily picking up larger damaged vehicles.

A telescopic chassis can expand/retract 15' (e.g. handling 25'-40') and have a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes. Using sliding cranes, up to 53' containers be handled above the low bed. A non-telescopic chassis can handle heavier loads.

Applications and options

Sideloader Recover Low Bed

Recovery, emergency and special transports

Handle any larger vehicles easily with the Hammar low bed Sideloader trailer. Fast and safe 2+2 point lifting and transport all in one vehicle.

Sidelifter Open Topp Container

Containers and open-top containers

As all Sideloaders the the Hammar low bed Sideloader excellt at handling containers. It truly shines for handling open-top containers when height restrictions otherwise becomes an issue.

Low Bed Telescopic Trailer

Telescopic chassis options

Using a telescopic chassis allows you to handle a greater variety of load/cargo sizes, up to 15 ft variance.

Hammar Drumloader Container Transport

Handling above the low bed

With sliding cranes you can handle even longer loads above the low bed, at the container twist locks located at the cranes. At maximum lenght you can handle up to 53'! (depending on local regulations)

Image gallery

Low Bed Sideloader Open Topp Container
Sideloader Wrecker Recovery
Low Bed Sideloader Container
Sideloader Recover Low Bed
Hammar Low Bed Unloaded
Hammar Recovery Trailer