Hammar Chassis

When buying a Hammar you always get a high quality Hammar designed Sideloader chassis, optimized and made for Sideloader operations.

We have a number of different Sideloader trailer models to fulfil our customers’ requirements, which are then adapted to suit local regulations and the customer’s needs.

Hammar Sideloader chassis models

Fixed Chassis/Sliding Cranes (S)

The S-chassis is a fixed length, and has sliding cranes meaning it can handle multiple container sizes. It has a straight forward design and the lowest tare weight of all Hammar chassis. It is the most common model used world-wide. Also available with fixed cranes for single size containers upon request.

Fixed Sliding (S) Animation

Telescopic chassis - Combination (C)

The most common telescopic chassis is the C-chassis (Combination). It combines sliding cranes with a telescopic chassis, and has a low tare weight. The sliding cranes enable optimized weight distribution of your load. A telescopic chassis is a requirement in some countries for transporting 45' or longer containers on the road.

Telescopic Combination (C) Animation

Telescopic chassis - Trombone (T)

The T-chassis (Trombone) is the simplest telescopic chassis. The chassis extends and retracts between 20’-40’ modes and has fixed cranes. The T-chassis can be built to the shortest length, providing a high level of manoeuvrability when transporting 20’ containers.

Telescopic Trombone T-animation

Truck mounted

Models 110, 130, 140, 155, 180 and 195 can be mounted directly on a truck chassis. Truck mounting the Sideloader provides unbeatable manoeuvrability where 20’ container handling is required.

Truck Mounted (B)

Chassis Adaptions

Sideloader Axle Configuration

Axle configurations

We offer different axle configurations to your Hammar chassis; different numbers of axles, optimized weight distribution and more. All conforming to local regulations and your needs.

Road Train Options

Road train options

A Hammar chassis can be built with a 5th wheel/turntable or a drawbar coupling for towing another semi-trailer or full-trailer behind. This allows you to have a road train that you can load and unload with the Sideloader.

Hammar Dropdeck

Low bed chassis

A Hammar trailer chassis can be built as a low bed chassis, giving a significantly lower overall height when loaded. Excellent for extra high loads or other situations that restrict the height of the vehicle.

Sideloader Custom Container Sizes

Load & container size adaptions

Hammar can adapt your Sideloader to carry various sized containers or other loads. We can build the chassis to fit containers from 5' to 60' and have wide range of other solutions for other loads or containers requiring additional equipment. This includes extendable cranes, different low-bed chassis models, top spreaders, extra container beams, extendeble cranes and more.