Why use a Sideloader

A Sideloader, also known as a Sidelifter or self-loading trailer offers a versatile and cost-effective way of loading, transporting and unloading containers and other cargo. It makes it possible for you to gain new business, customers and revenue in a market where container handling is constantly increasing.

A Sideloader can safely handle shipping containers and other cargo

from/to other trailers, trucks or trains, or directly on ground level, where they can safely and efficiently be packed or unpacked.

Mounted on a truck or trailer, the Sideloader can operate with minimal manpower and without any additional equipment, minimizing waiting time, planing and making it possible to deliver seamless, competitive service.

Basic Sideloader applications

A Sideloader consists of two side lifting cranes combined with a trailer or truck. There are four basic Sideloader operations: lifting from/to ground level, transfer from/to another chassis or rail wagon, stacking containers and road transport. A full handling time is 2-4 minutes.

Sideloader Groundlevel Handling

From/to ground lifting

A Hammar Sideloader can load/unload a shipping container or other cargo directly from/to the ground. Once the goods are on the ground the Sideloader can continue to the next job, and the container can be packed/unpacked in a safe and efficient manner.

Sideloader Transfer Handling

From/to another trailer or rail wagon

A Hammar Sideloader can transfer a container from/to a trailer, truck or rail wagon. This means it can serve as a mobile lifting device or as part of a convoy, loading/unloading other trailers or wagons. This also means the Sideloader can serve as an intermodal tool.

Sideloader Container Transport

Road transport

A Sideloader allows to safely lift a container and transport it by road in accordance with all regulations. No other equipment has the ability to both transport and lift with the same cost-efficiency and performance as a Hammar Sideloader.

Sideloader Stacking Handling

Stacking containers

A Sideloader can be equipped with a stacking function, which allows you to put a container on top of another placed on the ground. By double-stacking the customer can save valuable space. Containers stacked on top of each other also enable higher cargo security.

Examples of handling operations

ISO shipping containers are by far the most common unit to handle with a Sideloader. However, there is a huge number of other applications for Sideloaders. Here you can find a few examples!

Self-loading trailer concrete elements

Pre-fabricated concrete

Use the Sideloader to transport pre-fabricated building parts to the building project site, such as walls, floors etc.

Sideloader Swap Bodies

Swap bodies

Can be handled with basic lifting equipment or with a top spreader when "over-sized".

Sideloader Wrecker Recovery

Vehicle recovery

Hammar Sideloaders can be used to pick up wrecked or crashed heavy vehicles, safely and efficiently.

Sideloader Cable Drum

Cable drums

One vehicle for both lifting and transporting large and heavy cable drums, that is also faster and less sensetive to ground presure limitations and weather compared to alternatives.

Sideloader Rig Loader

Drilling & Crane rigs

Lift, transfer or transport heavy drilling or crane rigs.

Sideloader Pipe Transport


Use the Hammarlift to transport the pipes for pipeline projects for various uses.

Sideloader Mega Reach

Stacking containers

Equip your Hammar with stacking capacity. With the Hammar MegaReach extendable cranes you can even stack two containers in a 2nd row.

Self-loading truck containerized office

Temporary housing

Lift and transport temporary office buildings, for example for building projects.

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Industry applications

Our wide range of models and possibility to customize solutions means Hammar sideloaders have multiple applications within multiple industries.


Explore our model programme

Hammar 195 S Sideloader Selector
Hammar 195
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • Low tare weight
  • Top seller


Hammar 110 S Sideloader Selector
Hammar 110
  • Versatile double-action support legs
  • Transfer specialist, low tare weight
  • High efficiency, advanced lifting options


Hammar 160 C sidelifter Selector
Hammar 160
  • Extremely low tare weight
  • Two support leg positions
  • Compact design


Hammar 151 S Sideloader Selector
Hammar 151
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • The highest lifting capacity
  • Advanced lifting options


Hammar 155 S Sideloader Selector
Hammar 155
  • Transfer specialist
  • Extra stability & low ground pressure
  • High Lifting capacity


Hammar 140 Sideloader Selector
Hammar 140
  • Single support leg position
  • Clip-on unit, mountable on chassis with 20' twistlocks
  • Is turnable, easy to change lifting side


Hammar 183 B sidelifter Selector
Hammar 180
  • Single support leg position, simple and easy to use
  • World's lightest truck mounted Sidelifter
  • Support leg with low position


Hammar 130 Sideloader Selector
Hammar 130
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • Fast handling of 1 of 2 individual 20’
  • Optional collapsible crane with underslung leg