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The event industry keeps growing at a steady pace and the number of transports are following. In major international events the entire intermodal transport chain is used and can be described as a chaotic ballet of trucks, trains, boats and flights that transport goods all around the world.

Whether it's a music concert, road show, racing event, opera or a trade show it is important that the goods arrive at just the right time. In major international events, the time between the events is usually very short.

The goods must be packed and unpacked and transported away to the next place without any hiccups, even a minor logistics oversight can sabotage an event.

Most event companies transport goods in standardized ISO containers. The sideloader offers a versatile and cost-efficient transport solution for event business, transporting and lifting containers independently of any third party equipment. The strength is to be able to leave and retrieve a container anywhere and anytime, a transport solution with total freedom.

Key benefits

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Testimonial STS

"The events industry has become a major component of our operations. We have numerous events companies who store their equipment in containers, since it’s cheaper, for one thing, and it’s also simple to transfer the container(s) to the next location using sideloaders"

Bruce Mcgregor

Business owner at Swinglift Transport Services, USA