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Bwgroup Malaysia Case
28 January - 20
A 45 ft and 45-tonne Sideloader makes BW Group unique in Malaysia
BW Group in Malaysia is the first in its class to use a 45-foot Sideloader with 45 tonnes safe working load (SWL). It’s also the first Hammar 153 model in Malaysia and the first Sideloader in the world to combine 45 tonnes SWL with two different support legs. The 153 has a Step-Over support leg in front and the more traditional precision leg in...
Enger Transport Hammarcase
01 January - 01
Enger Transport - Norways Sideloader giant
Enger Transport was set up in 1971 by Knut Enger, who had one vehicle at the time and drove for the then Bilspedition. A lot has happened at the company since then, with offices now in Ytre Enebakk and Ålesund. Today they have just over 100 vehicles and 220 container trailers, more than 40 of which are Sideloaders from Hammar Maskin. Enger...
Gestion PBT Hammar Case
13 November - 19
Gestion PBT - Success in a new market
Pierre Bérubé, one of the co-owners of Distributions Cuisi-Lam, explains that the first two containers ordered for the original business were resold before their delivery. "We realized that there was a huge potential for container storage”, he says. “That is why we started buying, modifying and reselling containers to other companies in the...
Sideloaders Formula1 Case
13 November - 19
Improved F1 logistics with Sideloaders
Formula 1 is a billion-dollar industry, and if we take the Ferrari team as an example, their turnover within F1 is a staggering USD 1.3 billion. Transporting the miniature village set up prior to every race requires speed and exact precision. The slightest disruption can mean the difference between success and failure out on the track. So it’s no...
Rent A Hammar Sideloader Case
01 January - 01
Rent a Hammar
Family-owned Rentco Transport Equipment in Perth with its fleet of 2,500 vehicles is Australia’s biggest rental agent of equipment for the heavy transport sector. They have their own service centres and staff with a good understanding of the applicable transport regulations. The company has several sideloaders from Hammar in its...
Cable Drum handling Sideloader Case
15 October - 19
Cable drum handling with Hammar
In 2011 came the first enquiry about building a sideloader for handling cable drums, a solution that would allow both transporting and lifting the cable drums with the same vehicle. The project was being delivered by NCC, the second largest construction company in the Nordic region and a total of three Sideloaders were ordered. After 2 years of...