Sideloader Military Stacking

Military logistics involves the planning and execution of support measures provided at the most effective times to various military units. Containerization represents an important step in modernization of the world's military forces, covering new solutions such as command centres, anti-aircraft containers, hospital containers and the like.

Since the rise of containerization in 1930’s, all military forces around the world have used a million of containers for transportation. The military tasks are quite specified and many machines and tools have been invented for just these requirements. Therefore, we have developed HAMMAR Defence Line® for just this specific need.

Within the military logistics there are serveral obstacles to deal with in order to get your goods from A to B.

Conditions are often extremely demanding, the terrain impenetrable and the goods have to arrive quickly and at the right time.

In order to meet these tough conditions Hammar has developed an off-road solution, the ATMAT-ISL (All Terrain Mobile Articulated Transport - lntermodal Sideloader). The concept is a combination of our HAMMAR superstructure on an articulated hauler. It's a vehicle with an outstanding off-road ability that no other trucks can compare. At the same time ATMAT-ISL can handle all kinds of ISO containers and flatracks.

In brief, the ATMAT-ISL can deliver your strategic cargos everywhere at anytime until your mission is accomplished.

Key benefits

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