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Choosing Hammar brings you lots of competitive advantages. You get to work with the world-leading experts in mobile container handling, a logistics market that is constantly growing.

A Hammar Sideloader is made to last for at least 30 years, lifting the heaviest loads with the highest level of safety. Its unique light-weight construction gives you the best payload on the market.

With more than 45 years in the industry, we set the standard for smart and simple container handling.

All our Sideloaders are built and customized in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Yet, they always consist of tried and tested components and modules, ensuring safe and cost-effective long-term operation.

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With a single focus on designing and manufacturing sideloaders since 1974, Hammar offers state-of-the-art production facilities both at the main factory in Sweden and in plants around the world. The headquarters production facility in Olsfors, Sweden, features advanced robot welding systems that

deliver a more controlled welding process and a more even welding result. The plant also includes state-of-the-art laser-cutting machinery. And, what’s even more important, hundreds of highly experienced and skilled people. This means we have everything we need under the same roof.

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Hammar offers high quality Sideloaders with a number of key features. You can be sure to get what you expect and more from a our Sideloaders.

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Hammar Megareach Extension News
04 March - 21

Next-generation MegaReach crane extensions

Introducing the next generation of Hammar MegaReach Crane extensions. Integrated extensions, longer reach and an increased Safe Working Load allowing you to stack containers weighing up to 17 tonnes in a 2nd row! Crane extensions, allowing you to lift further out from the Sideloader, have existed for a long time. Hammar built their first in 1979,...
Hammar 110 Wideleg Sideloader
11 February - 21

40 tonnes SWL & new WideLeg option for Hammar 110

Two new options are now available for the Hammar 110 model. 40 tonnes SWL (Safe Working Load) for extra heavy duty, and a new support leg option, "WideLeg". The new heavy duty option allows the Hammar 110 to lift up to 40 tonnes, and is available with both the new WideLeg option and the standard support legs. Reinforcements at vital points have...
Hammar Sideloader Electric Power Pack
07 January - 21

Introducing Electric Powered Sideloaders

In 2013, Hammar built the world’s first electric powered Sideloader in Australia. Now Hammar launches its electric power pack on a world-wide scale in the first major push towards green alternatives in the Sideloader industry. The electric power pack, “ePP”, lasts around 20 consecutive lifts with a 35 tonnes weight. It can be charged by the...
First 195 Gooseneck 36T
11 December - 20

Increased lifting capacity on Gooseneck Sideloaders

Hammar Sideloaders equipped with a gooseneck chassis, a requirement in many countries to carry High Cube (9’ 6”) containers below the legal maximum height, are now available with an a higher SWL (Safe Working Load). The previous SWL of 33 tonnes has been increased to 36 tonnes and is available for the Hammar 110, 160 and 195 model. Photo: The...
Hammar 110, Martin Andreasson Transport
22 September - 20

TEST: Fuel savings with lighter Sideloaders

Hammar has, together with Martin Andreasson Transport AB in Gothenburg, performed a live test on how much fuel can be saved with Sideloaders with lower tare weights. The findings point to significant gains both in terms of fuel economy and environmental impact. The test was performed by comparing the fuel consumption of the latest model from...
Hammar 110 NZ Deliveries
09 July - 20

The Hammar 110: a growing success

Since its release in 2017 the Hammar 110 has steadily increased in popularity. The combination of excellent transfer capabilities, added versatility of the double-action support leg and the lowest tare weight among “step-over” type Sideloaders on the market, has been a recipe for success. On the initial target-market, New Zealand, the 110 is now...
Service Partner, Kone Pistemaa Oy
09 March - 20

New Service partner in Finland

We're excited to introduce our new Service partner, Kone Pistemaa Oy, located in Oulu, northern Finland. Kone Pistemaa will offer high quality service, spare parts and repairs for all of our customers in the area. We are looking forward to a strong relationship for many years to come. Kone Pistemaa contact details. Tel: +358 40 1810880 E-mail:...
Hammar 153 Malaysia
08 May - 19

45 tonnes Hammar 153 model launched in Malaysia

During the weekend Hammar Malaysia celebrated the unveiling of the new 45 tonnes Hammar 153 model, together with customer and the first owner of the model, BW Group. It's the first 45-tonne version of the model and the first time the 153 model is introduced in Malaysia. It's the only Sideloader on the market that has 45 tonnes lifting capacity...