Maintenance Service & Repairs

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Regardless of driving style, mileage and surroundings, the wear on your side loader is affected in different ways and at different speeds, no business is like another.

Like any machine design with moving parts, some nursing and a little love are needed to keep your machine alive. We at Hammar work in a worldwide service network that consists of our own service stations and designated and authorized Hammar service partners. Regardless of who serves your Hammar, you as a customer can trust that the job is done by trained and certified personnel who put your Hammar in the first place.

In cases where it is needed, we also have a global team with traveling service technicians who can quickly reach you.

We offer everything from simpler service and maintenance to advanced repairs. When you leave your Hammar with us, we give you warranty on parts and work, a quality stamp that makes you sleep better at night.

If you are interested in a service contract with Hammar or want to know more about our service & repairs please contact us or your closest service agent.