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The intermodal transportation has globally been increasing heavily the last 20 years. In today’s demand for efficient supply chain management solutions, the intermodal transportation is playing a key role.

A Hammar sideloader can with advantage be put into action anywhere in the Intermodal logistic chain. Efficient intermodal transportation always starts and ends with efficient and fast container loadings and unloadings. A Hammar sideloader can independently anywhere and at anytime stack, weigh, transfer, load and unload containers.

A Hammar supplies benefits like safety, speed and flexibility ending up in financial values for all players in the intermodal logistic chain, the shipper, transporter, terminal operator as well as the consignee. Using a Hammar side loader transporters can obtain an increased flow of containers daily which contributes to increased profitability.

In ports, terminals and hubs the sideloader can take the role as a container handling and loading resource, assisting traditional equipment as reach stackers and fork lifts. It can also be used for both shorter and longer transports on public roads where traditional terminal equipment not is allowed or possible to operate.

Key benefits

Application examples

Container Groundlevel Advantages

Container on ground

The Sideloader lift the container to ground level so that the end-user is able to pack/unpack it at their own leisure while the driver can drive off to the next job. This also enables safer and more efficient (un)loading of the container.

Sideloader 195 Transfer 20'

Transfer from/to another chassis

Sideloaders ability to transfer containers opens up a number of new opportunities. E.g. it can serve as a mobile lifting device unloading other chassis to ground level, transfer containers to another chassis for transport to a new location or be part of a convoy, and much more.

Side loader Railwagon transfer intermodal

Rail wagon transfer

By being able to transfer containers from rail wagons the Sideloader can be used as an intermodal tool. Unlike many other solutions, the Sideloader can easily move between locations without high transportation costs and can serve multiple smaller locations efficiently.

Hammar 151 Sideloader Stacking USA


By double-stacking containers you can save valuable space. Containers stacked on top of each other also enable higher cargo security.

Sideloader Terminal Handling

Terminal Handling

A sideloader can serve as container terminal/depot equipment. A cost-efficient alternative when handling lower volumes of containers, and offers a unique versatility compared to alternatives.

Hammar 195 Sideloader Transport Au


With a single vehicle and operator for both transport and lifting, the risks for delays are minimized. You will never have to wait for 3rd party lifting equipment.

Sideloader Weighing Station

Weighing station

The Hammarlift can be equipped with a weight indication system or a certified scale system. This way you can use it as a mobile weighing station, or simply to control the weigh of the load for safety reasons. The scale system can be used to get a SOLAS verified gross mass before shipping a container

Hammar 160 sideloader flat rack

Specialized transport

Sideloaders can be used to lift and transport a number of different loads and is not limited to containers. Trucks, forklifts, cranes, combine harvesters, helicopters, reachstackers and more can be handled.

Hammar 190 Sideloader Truck mounted Port

Peak hour assistance

The Sideloader can be used to assist other lifting equipment during peak hours to lift, transfer and transport. Operations won't be slowed down and you can avoid investing in over-capacity.

Hammar 195 Sideloader Roadtrain

Road train options

A Hammar Sideloader can be built with a 5th wheel/turntable or a drawbar coupling for towing another semi-trailer or full-trailer behind. This allows you to have a road train that you can load and unload with the Sideloader.

Explore our different models

Hammar 195 Hotspot
Hammar 195
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • Low tare weight
  • Top seller


Hammar 110 Hotspot
Hammar 110
  • Versatile double-action support legs
  • Transfer specialist, low tare weight
  • High efficiency, advanced lifting options


Hammar 160 Hotspot
Hammar 160
  • Extremely low tare weight
  • Two support leg positions
  • Compact design


Hammar 151 Hotspot
Hammar 151
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • The highest lifting capacity
  • Advanced lifting options


Hammar 155 Hotspot
Hammar 155
  • Transfer specialist
  • Extra stability & low ground pressure
  • High Lifting capacity


Hammar 140 Hotspot
Hammar 140
  • Single support leg position
  • Clip-on unit, mountable on chassis with 20' twistlocks
  • Is turnable, easy to change lifting side


Hammar 180 Hotspot
Hammar 180
  • Single support leg position
  • World's lightest truck mounted Sideloader
  • Support leg with low position


Hammar 130 Hotspot
Hammar 130
  • Versatile positioning of support legs
  • Fast handling of 1 of 2 individual 20’
  • Optional collapsible crane with underslung leg