MCVE 2022 Hammar Sideloader Setup
23 Mar - 22

Hammar at MCVE 2022 in Malaysia

10-12th March Hammar once again attended the MCVE 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, South East Asia's largest exhibition for commercial vehicles.

Our stand at the show featured a first look at the Hammar 119 HS for the Malaysian market, a result of the latest Sideloader technology from Hammar. The model is designed for high versatility, safety, and easy and efficient transfer operations. It will be available with up to 40 metric tonnes Safe Working Load (SWL) and is tested with 50 metric tonnes static load. The model will be able to stack without shortening the container chains and is expected to have a considerably lower tare weight than the standard Hammar 195 in Malaysia.

Overall the show was a great success, with the new model attracting much attention and interest from visitors. We'd like to thank the organizers and all the visitors for once again making this an amazing event!

MCVE 2022 Hammar Sideloader Setup
Showing Hammar 119 MCVE 2022
MCVE 2022 Gesturing Visitor
MCVE 2022 Customer Brochure
At MCVE 2022 Hammar Desk
MCVE 2022 Hammar 119 Sledgemode
At MCVE 2022 Hammar Staff+Visitor

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