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04 Mar - 21

Next-generation MegaReach crane extensions

Introducing the next generation of Hammar MegaReach Crane extensions. Integrated extensions, longer reach and an increased Safe Working Load allowing you to stack containers weighing up to 17 tonnes in a 2nd row!

Crane extensions, allowing you to lift further out from the Sideloader, have existed for a long time. Hammar built their first in 1979, and in 2013 they released the “Hammar MegaReach”, which allowed Sideloaders to stack two containers high in a 2nd row. The MegaReach extensions proved a new milestone for Sideloaders, but with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 5,5 tonnes at maximum reach, it was almost exclusively used for empty containers.

The new generation changes that with a big upgrade to 15 tonnes SWL at maximum reach. It can stack containers in a 2nd row weighing up to 17 tonnes and features integrated crane extensions, and a longer reach.

“This is the first crane extension for Sideloaders in the world to reach anywhere near these capabilities. Sideloader operators often face less than ideal situations, and the added versatility of these extensions will make many jobs much easier. Stacking containers will be more viable, and we believe it could open up completely new markets for Sideloaders!” says Bengt-Olof Hammar, CEO and owner of Hammar Group.

Technically, many factors decide how much you can lift. The reach of the support legs, the weight of the Sideloader, the strength of the extension construction, hydraulic pressure, cylinder sizes, and more. In terms of safety, this is nothing operators have to worry about as it’s all monitored by the Hammar Safety+ system, but it matters when choosing what Hammar model to use.

“We recommend our Hammar 110 model with its new “WideLeg” option for anyone wanting to use the full potential of the new MegaReach. With the new extra-wide support leg, it gives the stability needed to lift 15 tonnes at maximum reach and to stack 17 tonnes in a 2nd row without using any counterweights” says Bengt-Olof Hammar. The “WideLeg” is a new option available for the Hammar 110 model, where the support legs are designed with an additional 500mm reach.

Improvements in short:

+ Increased lifting capacity, from 5,5 tonnes to up to 15 tonnes at maximum reach. Stack two containers in a 2nd row up to 17 tonnes.
+ Integrated crane extensions
+ Longer reach (ca 4,75m from trailer side)

Hammar Megareach Extension News
Hammar Megareach Sideloader Operator
Sideloader Placing Container 2Nd Row


H110 Wide Megareach
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