DK + NO Transport Exhibition
22 Sep - 21

Hammar at Denmark and Norway transport exhibitions

During the last 3 weeks of September, Hammar has attended two exhibitions, Transport Gardermoen 2021 in Norway and Transport 2021 in Herning, Denmark. The shows have been a great success and we're very happy to have attended.

At both shows, we've exhibited a Hammar 119 HC equipped with 36 tonnes SWL and our newly designed crane extensions. The Hammar 119 model is a combination of two models, where you have a Hammar 110 crane module in one end and a Hammar 195 crane module in the other. This way you combine the excellent transfer capabilities of the 110 with the flexibility of the 195, resulting in a highly versatile Sideloader.

A big thank you to:
Our service agent in Denmark, Stiholt Hydraulic, who helped and attended us at Transport 2021.
Enger Transport and Berndt Matsson Åkeri for handling the logistics and the trucks at the show.
The organizers of the events and everyone who attended the shows!

DK + NO Transport Exhibition
Hammar Transport Gardermoen Norway

Transport Gardermoen, Norway

Hammar Transport Herning Denmark

Transport 2021, Herning, Denmark

DK Exhibition Model 160 1 14 Scale

Model of a Hammar 160 S, made by Hans Sørensen at Free Consulting ApS, who visited us at Transport 2021 in Denmark. The model is in scale 1:14, completely operational with a fully working hydraulic system!

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