Hammar 110 NZ Deliveries
09 Jul - 20

The Hammar 110: a growing success

Since its release in 2017 the Hammar 110 has steadily increased in popularity. The combination of excellent transfer capabilities, added versatility of the double-action support leg and the lowest tare weight among “step-over” type Sideloaders on the market, has been a recipe for success.

On the initial target-market, New Zealand, the 110 is now the most sold model making up for more than 50% of Hammar New Zealands sales. While this type of Sideloader with “Step-over” support legs always has been popular in New Zealand (the 110s predecessor was also a common choice), it has been rarer sight in other parts of the world.

This is something that has been slowly but surely changing since the release of the Hammar 110. Only this year the first 110 units were delivered to Iceland and the Netherlands, and companies from Denmark and Eastern Europe currently have their first 110 units in production as well. In neither of these countries the Step-Over type Sideloaders have been sold previously and the trend is continuing with several other countries seeing an increased volume of 110 orders.

The Hammar 110 is not only getting more popular, it is starting to change Sideloader culture.

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Hammar 110 NZ Deliveries

Main image - 4 recent Hammar 110 deliveries in New Zealand

Hammar 110 NL Delivery

The first Hammar 110 to the Netherlands; a Hammar 110 HC to Gevezet Int. Transport BV.

Hammar 110 IS Delivery

The first Hammar 110 to Iceland; a Hammar 110 S to Ragnar og Ásgeir EHF.

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