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19 Nov - 19

45 years with Hammar

This year we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and 45 years of designing and manufacturing Sideloaders. We are proud to be the world leading producer of Sideloaders, and we will continue to expand, invent and produce high quality Sideloaders.

As part of our celebration we have updated our looks, created a completely new website and made a new anniversary brochure.

We'd like to thank all of our customers, operators, staff and suppliers for being part of this journey. The first 45 years is just the beginning of something bigger, and we are looking forward to continue making you winners.

(EN) Hammar 45th anniversary Brochure

(FR) Hammar brochure 45e anniversaire

(ES) Hammar folleto 45 aniversario

(PT-BR) Hammar brochura do 45º aniversário

(DE) Hammar 45-Jahres-Jubiläumsbroschüre

(SE) Hammar 45-års jubileumsbroschyr

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