Hammar 195 Sideloader Roadtrain
04 Nov - 09

Australia: A-Double allows transport of 33 tonnes

With road regulations, productivity and cost pressures playing more prominent roles in today’s market, haulage and trucking companies are on a constant search for improvements in container transport.

Introduced at the Brisbane Truck Show early 2009, the HAMMAR A-Double Sideloader has proven itself as a great way to improve productivity in container handling.

The HAMMAR A-Double allows the user to legally lift and carry up to 33 tonne containers, with mass management and on approved B-Double routes, or approximately 29 tonnes, without mass management. The unit allows the user to carry one heavy container, without the need for a companion vehicle, normally a skel and prime mover combination. The A-Double saves time and labour by allowing the heavy container to be loaded on the B trailer. To provide sufficient traction on the drive axles, the sidelifter cranes are moved forward on the A-trailer.

According to Beven Dionysius of Dionysius Transport Service, “we see at least a 50% improvement in efficiency than a normal sideloader combination.” In his inimitable style, Dionysius described the HAMMAR unit as “better than fish and chips”.

Already proven in Europe for some five years now, the HAMMAR A-Double allows the user to carry up to three 20’ containers, or one 20’ and one 40’ container. With mass management this means that up to 43 tonnes, on about a 20 and 23 tonne split, can be carried, using approved B-Double routes.

According to Peter Kelland of Parkwood Transport, this sidelifter allows a driver to enter a yard with this B-Double combination and come out with two heavy containers loaded in just 20 minutes. In fact, their operation relies purely on sideloaders, without any reliance on forklifts. Parkwood Transport has one of these units in their fleet of 12 sideloaders.

The A-Double sideloader acts like a normal 20’-40’ unit, with the added feature of another turntable as an A trailer, in a B-Double combination. The turntable is supplied as part of the package.

*with mass management and using approved B-double routes

Hammar 195 Sideloader Roadtrain

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