Hammar Crane Extensions

Hammar standard crane extensions are available to the 195, 110, 155 and 151 models. There are two standard models available, the mid-range 5 m extensions and the MegaReach, 6m extensions.

At max outreach (5m), the Hammar mid-range extensions has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of up to 20 tonnes, depending on the stabilizer model. The Hammar MegaReach extensions has a SWL of up to 15 tonnes at max range (6m), depending on the stabilizer model. The outreach is measured from the centre of the trailer to the centre of the load axle.

The Hammar MegaReach extensions allow you to stack containers two rows deep, two containers high, weighing up to 17 tonnes.

The crane extensions are integrated and SWL are measured without any counterweights,

Detailed SWL for MegaReach extensions at different outreaches:
MegaReach load chart H110

MegaReach load chart H195

Sideloader Placing Container 2Nd Row