When just in time isn't enough

Construction (main) - lifting pre-fabricated concrete. Sideloader Construction Industry Main

The construction industry is large, complex and competitive. Projects often have multiple participants and multiple phases, meaning organization and planning becoming very complex. Combined with the competetive nature of the industry it makes smart and cost-efficient logistics solutions vital.

Many suffer from long lead times, and any delay in the delivery of materials and supplies means wasted time for workers and increased costs for the whole project.

Construction sites are typically crowded with various equipment and machines taking up a great deal of space. A Sideloader with a single operator will eliminate the need for space consuming equipment such as cranes, forklift etc. This also makes planing less complex, and minimize risks for delays.

Using containers or flatracks with construction materials placed on the ground level means safer and faster unloading. All in all, a Sideloader offers a cost-efficient and versatile logistics solution.

Key benefits

Construction industry application examples

Sideloaders Construction Prefabricated Concrete

Pre-fabricated concrete

Use the Sideloader to transport pre-fabricated building parts to the building project site, such as walls, floors etc.

Sideloader Mobile Office

Containerized housing/storage

Use the Sideloader to transport containerized housing, for example temporary offices for workers, temporary storage buildings etc.

Sideloader Construction Crane Tower

Construction machinery

Transport construction equipment such as forklifts, excavators, or even tower cranes to the building site.

Sideloader Construction Container

Construction material

Use the Sideloader to transport the raw material for the construction project. Concrete, bricks, wood, sand etc.