A 45 ft and 45-tonne Sideloader makes BW Group unique in Malaysia

BW Group is a trend-setting logistics company in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. With a fleet of 130 modern trailers, BW Group is a leader in its industry. Four of the trailers are equipped with a Hammar Sideloader with the latest addition being a top-of-the-line Hammar 153 Sideloader, able to lift 45 tonnes and handle 45 ft containers.

BW Group in Malaysia is the first in its class to use a 45-foot Sideloader with 45 tonnes safe working load (SWL). It’s also the first Hammar 153 model in Malaysia and the first Sideloader in the world to combine 45 tonnes SWL with two different support legs. The 153 has a Step-Over support leg in front and the more traditional precision leg in the back, which gives high versatility. This unique construction also makes the 153 perfect for heavy transferring operations.

“We did some thorough research before buying our first Sideloader”, says Mr Richie Seau, Founder and CEO at BW Global Logistics. “Hammar has a very good reputation here in Malaysia and we weren’t disappointed. The people from Hammar act very fast and professionally. It didn’t take long before we had our first unit delivered and after that, it took only half a year before we decided to buy another one. Now, with four trailers equipped with Hammar Sideloaders, we can offer truly great service to our customers.”

“For us, the Sideloaders save a lot of time, manpower and money”, Mr Seau continues. “Hammar may come with a higher purchase price tag than its competitors, but the quality of the product is outstanding. We also rely on the drivers’ feedback and according to them Hammar Sideloaders outperform their competition.”

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