Enger Transport - Norways Sideloader giant

Norwegian transport giant Enger Transport A/S purchased its first Sideloader from Hammar in 1977. Today they own a fleet of forty Hammarlifts, used for transport around Ålesund and Oslo. “Sideloaders are efficient to use for a variety of transport operations, and many of our customers require us to set their container down directly on the ground,” says the company’s MD Roger Enger.

Enger Transport was set up in 1971 by Knut Enger, who had one vehicle at the time and drove for the then Bilspedition. A lot has happened at the company since then, with offices now in Ytre Enebakk and Ålesund. Today they have just over 100 vehicles and 220 container trailers, more than 40 of which are Sideloaders from Hammar Maskin. Enger Transport is the biggest player in Norway in the field of container transport.

Roger Enger is the second generation in this family company, which he owns along with his two siblings.
Enger Transport purchased its first ­Hammarlift back in 1977, the sixth one ever to be produced.

“We had a customer who wanted us to set down their container directly on the ground and we began looking around for a trailer with cranes. At that time Google did not exist, so we searched our neighbouring countries and came across Hammar Maskin in Olsfors,” relates Roger.

That was the start of a partnership that has been going on for just over forty years now, and Hammar is the only make of sideloader they use. Enger Transport is now the haulage company that has purchased the most sideloaders from Hammar in the world.

High quality

“The products offer lasting high quality and Hammar is responsive to our needs for modifications so the machines suit our operations. We have Hammar Sideloaders from 20 tonnes upward and various models.
“Another benefit is their aftermarket service; they always have spare parts in stock for quick delivery if something happens. The machines also have a good, straightforward design, which means that we can service and repair them ourselves,” says Roger.

He also explains that the Sideloaders have constituted a large portion of the company’s growth.
“A significant proportion of our expansion has involved buying up other smaller haulage companies; more precisely we have made 28 acquisitions. Several of these haulage companies had sideloaders from Hammar in their fleets.”

The importance of weight

Roger Enger also points out that Hammar’s capacity for innovation has helped the company to reduce the weight of its trailers. This is especially important when transporting fish from the fish factories to the port.

“Fish must be transported in refrigerated containers and these are pretty heavy. Reducing the weight of the transport rig by two tonnes is a huge help.

“At the same time it is smooth and easy using sideloaders when transporting fish. We can quickly lift the empty container down onto the ground and load up the full one in its place. This is much more efficient than having to have a forklift truck come along for unloading and loading.”

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