Hammar  180

12-30 tonnes Safe Working Load, tare weight from 2,7 tonnes.

Hammar 180 sidelifter Hotspot

12-30 tonnes lifting capacity

Available with 12, 15, 20, 25 or 30 tonnes Safe working load.

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Compact design

The crane and support legs are built in line with eachother, making the overall design more compact.

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The Hammar 180 model is dedicated to permanent mounting on a truck chassis.

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Low working height

The support legs has a low working height, meaning they can be put below for example a companion chassis or rail wagon.

Extendable support leg

The support legs are extendable with a single support position. Simple and easy to use.

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Low tare weight

The Hammar 180 is the lightest truckmounted Sidelifter on the market, giving maximum payload.

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Why the Hammar 180 Sidelifter?

The Hammar 180 is a Sidelifter dedicated to permanent mounting on a truck chassis. It is designed with low tare weight and usability in mind. It has the lowest tare weight of all truck mounted Sidelifters. Choose between 12 , 15, 20, 25 or 30 tonnes lifting capacity (model 181, 182, 183, 184 or 185) and a large number of lifting options. During operation the support legs extend in a single, diagonal direction to be placed at ground level. The support legs are mounted at a low height relative to the truck chassis, meaning they have a low working height. This can be used to place the support legs under some companion chassis or rail wagons when transferring. The Hammar 180 is the best choice when you need a truck mounted unit, maximum payload and/or one of its many lifting options.

Hammar 180 Sidelifter Lift Groundlevel

Lifting from/to ground level

Easy, fast and safe handling to/from ground level. A full handling cycle takes 2-4 minutes.

Hammar 180 sidelifter Transfer

Transfer from/to another chassis

The 180 excels at transferring in some situations thanks to its low built support legs.

Hammar 180 sidelifter Stacking Capacity

Stacking option

The Hammar 180 can be equipped with stacking capacity, enabling stacking of two 8’6” containers. Two extra support legs are mounted on the non-lifting side for extra stability and safety.

Hammar 180 Sideloader Low Tare

Maximum payload

The Hammar 180 is the lightest truck mounted Sidelifter in the world. This will give you lower emissions, less wear and maximum payload on the road.

Image Gallery

Hammar 180 sidelifters Double Delivery
Hammar 180 sidelifter lifting beam
Hammar 180 sidelifter 20 Container Handling
Hammar 180 sidelifter Railwagon Transfer
Hammar 180 sidelifter Unloaded
Hammar 180 sidelifter Transport Trailer
Hammar 180 sidelifter 20Ft Container
Hammar 180+160 Double
Hammar 180 Sidelifter Road Train
Sidelifters 180 Road Trains Concrete
Hammar 180 sidelifter transfer trailer

Hammar 180 options & accessories

Hammar Lifting Options


Choose what, when and how you can lift with your Hammar Sideloader.

Sideloader Extendable Cranes-old

Extendable cranes

Equip the cranes with extendable over arms. Choose the short, medium or MegaReach model. The MegaReach can stack two empty containers in the 2nd row. Extendable over arms is N/A on all models.

Sideloader Spreader

Top spreader

Available in two versions for two purposes: 1) Handling containers in the top corner castings & faster handling. 2) Handling swap body containers or other similar cargo. N/A on all models.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods

The Hammar is equipped and adapted for handling of dangerous goods according to local regulations.

Weighing Equipment

Weighing equipment

The Hammar can be equipped with two different weighing systems; a load indicator system with an accuracy of ± 400 kg and/or a SOLAS certified scale with an accuracy down to ±50 with optional printer.

Composite Foot Plates

Composite foot plates

Two foot plates of recycled composite material. Placed under the support legs or trailer landing legs, they drastically reduce the ground pressure. Comes with storage brackets on the Hammarlift.

Adjustable container stops

Adjustable container stops

Adjustable container stops allow for transport of over-wide containers, e.g. tank or pallet wide containers.

Sideloader Stacking Option

Stacking capacity

Equip your Hammarlift with the capacity to stack two containers high, from ground level. N/A for model 130 and 140.



Make operations and maintenance smoother and more efficient

Automatic Twistlocks

Automatic container twist locks

Automatic crane twist locks for more efficient operations and less room for human error. Connected to automatically open/close when the crane power is engaged/disengaged.

Hammar Positioning Equipment

Hammar Optical positioning equipment

“HOPE” - Optical sensors reading the position of a container next to the Sideloader when lining up, alerting with a green light when cranes are in correct position for lifting. Increases efficiency.



Increase safety for operations, the Sideloader and staff.

Sideloader Radio Remote

Radio remote control

Cordless radio remote for all Hammar functions. The operator can control the lifting from any position outside the hazard zone, increasing usability, efficiency and safety. Choose a 1 or 2 hand unit.

Hammar Safety+

Hammar Safety+

A high quality, PLC based monitoring system that provides maximum safety. The mass and position of the load is continuously monitored. Includes a display that shows a number of useful variables.

Hammar Extra Lightning

Extra lights

Equip the Hammar Sideloader with extra LED lights for safer and more efficient operations with limited daylight. E.g. illumination of twist locks, extra reverse lights, or extra warning lights etc.



Reduce your tare weight, increase your payload and reduce wear and fuel consumption.

Lightweight Cranes

Ultra Light cranes

The new generation of cranes. Reduce the tare weight of the Sideloader cranes by 400-800 kg depending on model. Available for model 160, 180 & 195. Hammar Safety+ system is included as a standard.



Personalize the look and style of your Hammar Sideloader. Your advertising on the road.

Painting Options

Painting options

Choose from a number of painting options. Colors of chassis and cranes. What type of paint, Hammar standard, metallic, clear coating or with zinc primer.


Power Source

Choose how to power your Hammarlift.

Hammar Truck Hydraulics

Truck Hydraulics

Mount or use an existing hydraulic pump & power take-off on your truck and use the truck to power the Hammar. Significantly less tare weight and maintenance costs compared to a power pack.

Our extended sales services

Operator Training Symbol Web

Operator training

At Hammar, our goal is to give each and every operator a thorough training of our machines in order to operate them in a safe and efficient manner, all to minimize the risk of personal injuries and machine damage.

Trade In Symbol Web

Trade in your used Hammar

Hammar offers to trade in your old Hammar Sideloader when buying a new. With expert industry knowledge we will give you a professional evaluation of your Sideloader and a price to match.

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