Hammar is the world’s leading supplier of sideloaders. With experience in the industry since 1974 and thousands of products delivered to customers in more than 122 countries, Hammar stands for tried and tested, user-friendly technology that sets the standards for smart container handling.

We offer solutions for all kinds of environments and all our models can be specially adapted to your specific needs and requirements. The headquarters, manufacturing, development and testing are located in Olsfors in Sweden, but we have offices in eight locations worldwide. Our extensive service network is always available to help you ensure smooth and trouble-free operation.

Vison and Values

Hammar shall be the leading innovator in mobile container logistics. We continually set the standard for smart transport and handling of containers.

Top quality and performance
Full control thanks to own construction and production. Long-term thinking and security consciousness.
Responsive and adaptable
We have a direct, honest and long-term relationship with the customer. We develop and package solutions according to customer needs.
Effective and well thought-out
We think in modules and are the innovative expert in our industry.

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History in brief


Hammar celebrates its 45th anniversary.

The first step towards robotised trailer production is taken in the form of a new robot welder.

Hammar's new "ULTRA LIGHT" concept is launched.


Hammar South Africa is established.


The Hammar 110 series is launched. A lightweight model with a unique double-action support leg, specialising in transfer operations.


Hammar Vietnam is Established.

The Hammar 130 series is launched, a lightweight model with facility for triple-crane configuration.

Hammar New Zealand aquires the Auckland trailer production bussiness of its partner SEEL engineering.

Hammar Malaysia expands and relocates to new and larger premises.


The Hammar 140 is launched. A brand new clip-on unit with 16 tonnes lifting capacity.


The world's first electric powered powerpack for Sideloaders is developed by Hammar.

The Hammar Drum loader is developed, a Sideloader dedicated to handling large cable drums.


The first Sideloader that can stack containers in the 2nd row is built by Hammar, the Hammar Mega Reach.


Hammar sets the world record for "heaviest weight lifted by a side loader" at 60 tonnes! The lift was verified by Guinness World Records.


The Hammar 155 model is launched, a high performance model specializing in transfer operations.

Hammar builds the world's first Sideloader with 60' capacity.


The world's first Sideloader with a 42-tonne lifting capacity is launched by Hammar.


Hammar launches its USA based subsidary, Hammar Lift Inc.

Hammar Service in Australia transfers to wholly-owned, specially built premises in Brisbane.

Hammar develops and delivers the first Hammarlift to Antarctica.


Hammars subsidary in Malaysia is founded.

The truck mounted Hammar 180 series is launched. A direct evolution of the original SL 20 series.


Hammar launches its New Zealand subsidary, Hammar New Zealand Ltd.

The Hammar 190 series is launched, now the world's most popular Sideloader.


Hammar launches its Australian subsidary, Hammar Australia Pty Ltd.


The Hammar 160 series is launched. A direct evolution of Hammars original SL 30 series and the world's lightest Sideloader.


The Hammar 150 series is launched. The Hammar high-performance model.


Hammar Introducing Sideloader Stacking

The first double-sided and stacking Hammarlift is delivered.


Hammar Introducing SL20

The Hammar SL 20 BH is launched and becomes the first truck mounted model.


Bengt Olof Hammar First Sideloader

Bengt-Olof designs his first Sideloader, the SL 30 S. This is the starting point for the formation of Hammar Maskin AB.


Meet our management team – each bringing their own experience and perspective to the development of our company.

Bengt Olof Hammar Managament
Bengt-Olof Hammar
Owner & Managing Director
Fredrik Sandberg Management (1)
Fredrik Sandberg
Deputy Managing Director
Lars Erik Stendahl Management (1)
Lars-Erik Stendahl
Chief Financial Officer
Markus Andersson Management (1)
Markus Andersson
Operations Manager
Marcus Johansson Management (1)
Marcus Johansson
Purchase Manager
Daneil Ekman Management
Daniel Ekman
R&D Manager
Sven Gunnar Ostangard Management
Sven-Gunnar Östangård
Production Manager