Hammar self-loading

cable drum trailer

Sideloader Cable Drum Handling Main

The Hammar Drum loader is a self-loading cable drum trailer. A Sideloader with a chassis adapted for handling large cable drums or coil reels. Lifting cable drums from the side, it has a lifting capacity starting at 35 tonnes, with higher capacity available on request. With the self-loading Hammar cable drum trailer you will gain a more efficient project overall, in terms of costs, planning and flexibility.

+ A single vehicle and operator for both lifting and transport of cable drums
+ High cost-efficiency and fast set-up time compared to alternatives
+ Low working height, less sensetive to wind conditions.
+ Requries less space and has low ground pressure during lifting
+ Can match the lifting capacity of a 80-120tnm mobile crane

Drum loader features and options

Cable drum trailer Top Spreader


Equip the cable drum trailer with a hydrualic topspreader for lifting different sized cable drums by the cable drum central shaft.

Drumloader Container Handling

Container handling

The Hammar self-loading cable drum trailer can also be equipped to handle 20' containers.

Drumloader Transport Concept

Options for extreme width

The self-loading cable drum trailer chassis can be adapted for a number of differently sized cable drums. Extremely wide cable drums can be lifted and transported with the cable drums central shaft facing the cranes.

Drumloader Drum Sizes

Adjustable Drum support width

The cable drum supports at the chassis can be built to be hydraulically adjustable for different cable drum widths.

Image Gallery

2 Hammar Drumloader Lifting
Drumloader Cable Drum Platform
Drumloader Double Delivery
Hammar Cable Drum Transport
Hammar Cable Drum Handling Snow
Hammar Cabledrum Delivery
Hammar Cabledrum Loader Road
Hammar self loading cable drum trailer
Hammar Drumloader Container Transport
Sideloader Cable Drum Handling
Cable Drum handling Sideloader Case

Overall the two sideloaders save on hire of four mobile cranes, which over the length of our project would be extremely expensive. They save a lot of time and planning, making the project far more efficient and cost effective

Chris Rowlands

Transport Manager at H.C. Wilson Transport Ltd.

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