6 Sideloaders Lined Up Army
11 Aug - 23

Hammar supplies 12 new 190 HB units to Czech Army

Hammar Defence has, together with Scania and Contsystem s.r.o. successfully delivered 12 new Hammar 190 HB mounted on Scania R590 8x8 trucks to the Czech Army. The units are equipped with 25-tonnes Safe Working load and stacking capacity, providing versatile container handling with safe, levelled lifting.

"This is a vehicle that will ensure long-distance transport. It has a range of over a thousand kilometres on a full tank. It can independently handle a container weighing up to 25 tonnes" said Warrant Officer Lukáš Diviš.

The new Sideloaders are planned to be used to deliver containers and materials to soldiers in foreign operations over long-distances, with more units planned for the future.

Hammar Defence have long-term experience supplying solutions and have delivered Sideloaders to more than 20 different nations for military operations since 1984. Sideloaders provide a versatile and fast container-handling solution, requiring only a single vehicle and driver to lift, transport, stack and transfer containers.

Czech Army article: https://acr.army.cz/informacni-servis/zpravodajstvi/armada-prevzala-nove-prepravniky-scania--zajisti-transport-kontejneru-do-misi-243283

6 Sideloaders Lined Up Army
Hammar Sideloader Defence Scania
Sideloader Military Stacking

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