Hammar  153

36 or 45 tonnes safe working load.

Hammar 153 Main

Why the Hammar 153 Sideloader?

The Hammar 153 model is a combination of the Hammar 155 and Hammar 151 model, with two different support legs, the 155 Step-Over support leg and the 151 Precision support leg.
The Step-Over support leg unfolds and extends 3.2 meters outward in a ”step-over” motion. This allows fast and easy transfer operations by placing the support leg at ground level on the opposite side of the companion chassis, while also giving extra stability. The second "Precision" support leg" is extending and tilting, making its positioning very flexible.
Combined this allows for fast and efficient transfer operations, while retaining a lot of versatility during more complex operations compared to only using one type of support leg. The Hammar 153 is an excellent choice when you have multiple transfer operations but want to retain the versatility of the precision support leg.

Hammar 153 Sideloader Container Lifting

Lifting from/to ground

The Hammar 153 Sideloader handles containers to/from the ground easily and with high stability. A full handling cycle only takes 3-4 minutes.

Hammar 153 Sideloader Transfer

Transfer from/to another chassis

The Hammar 153 Sideloader can easily transfer to/from another chassis, including many rail wagons. Using the Step-over leg tunnel the truck can drive away safely without needing to wait for the Sideloader to finish the operation. A transfer operation can also be performed from a companion chassis to the ground, while the Sideloader is already loaded with another shipping container.

Hammar 153 Sideloader Stacking

Stacking option

The Hammar 153 can be equipped with 30 tonnes stacking capacity, enabling stacking of two high cube containers. Two extra support legs are mounted on the non-lifting side for extra stability and safety.

Hammar 153 Sideloader Trailer Unloaded

The two different support legs

The StepOver support leg can be placed at ground level on the opposite side of the companion chassis, or in a folded position on top of the chassis. The precison support leg can be placed behind/in front of the companion chassis, or on top or under it depending on the situation. When handling a lighter load, the precision leg can also be placed vertically down.

Hammar 153 chassis options

When buying a Hammar Sideloader you always get a high quality Hammar designed chassis, optimized and made for Sideloader operations. We have a number of models to fulfil our customers’ requirements, which are then adapted to suit local regulations and the customer’s needs.

Fixed Chassis, Sliding Cranes - 153 S

The S-chassis is a fixed length, and has sliding cranes meaning it can handle multiple container sizes. It has a straight forward design and the lowest tare weight of all Hammar chassis. It is the most common model used world-wide. Also available with fixed cranes for single size containers upon request.

Fixed Sliding (S) Animation

Truck mounted, 153 B

The Hammar 153 can be mounted directly on a truck chassis. This provides the Sideloader with unbeatable manoeuvrability where 20’ container handling is required.

Truck Mounted (B)

Chassis adaptions

Sideloader Axle Configuration

Axle configurations

We offer different axle configurations to your Hammar chassis; different numbers of axles, optimized weight distribution and more. All conforming to local regulations and your needs.

Road Train Options

Road train options

A Hammar chassis can be built with a 5th wheel/turntable or a drawbar coupling for towing another semi-trailer or trailer behind. This allows you to have a road train that you can load and unload with the Sideloader.

Sideloader Custom Container Sizes

Load & container size adaptions

Hammar can adapt your Sideloader to carry various sized containers or other loads. We can build the chassis to fit containers from 5' to 60' and have wide range of other solutions for other loads or containers requiring additional equipment.

Hammar Dropdeck

Low bed chassis

A Hammar trailer chassis can be built as a low bed chassis, giving a significantly lower overall height when loaded. Excellent for extra high loads or other situations that restrict the height of the vehicle.

Image Gallery

Hammar 153 Sideloader Transfer 2X20
Hammar 153 Sideloader Transport 40Ft
Hammar 153 Sideloader Closewall
Hammar 153 Sideloader Transport
Hammar 153 Sideloader Transfer Start
Hammar 153 Sideloader Transfer Truck Backing

Hammar 153 options & accessories

Hammar Lifting Options


Choose what, when and how you can lift with your Hammar Sideloader.


2x20' capacity

A centre container beam with 4 twist locks is mounted. With the 2 twin-locks (joiners) included you can connect and lift 2 lightly loaded 20' containers simultaneously. Heavier can be transported.

Sideloader Extendable Cranes-old

Extendable cranes

Equip the cranes with extendable over arms. Choose the short, medium or MegaReach model. The MegaReach can stack two empty containers in the 2nd row.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods

The Hammar is equipped and adapted for handling of dangerous goods according to local regulations.

Composite Foot Plates

Composite foot plates

Two foot plates of recycled composite material. Placed under the support legs or trailer landing legs, they drastically reduce the ground pressure. Comes with storage brackets on the Hammarlift.

Sideloader Stacking Option

Stacking capacity

Equip your Hammarlift with the capacity to stack two containers high, from ground level. N/A for model 130 and 140.



Make operations and maintenance smoother and more efficient

Automatic Twistlocks

Automatic container twist locks

Automatic crane twist locks for more efficient operations and less room for human error. Connected to automatically open/close when the crane power is engaged/disengaged.

Hammar Positioning Equipment

Hammar Optical positioning equipment

“HOPE” - Optical sensors reading the position of a container next to the Sideloader when lining up, alerting with a green light when cranes are in correct position for lifting. Increases efficiency.



Alloy toolbox mounted on the non-lifting side of the Hammar Sideloader.

Hammar Liftingaxle

Lifting axle

Lifting one axle when driving with less load. Saves greatly on tyre wear. Lowers automatically when maximum legal load is reached on the other axles.



Increase safety for operations, the Sideloader and staff.

Sideloader Radio Remote

Radio remote control

Cordless radio remote for all Hammar functions. The operator can control the lifting from any position outside the hazard zone, increasing usability, efficiency and safety. Choose a 1 or 2 hand unit.

Sideloader Reverse Camera

Reverse camera/sensor

A camera or reverse sensor is installed in the rear of the Hammarlift. Increases efficiency, usability, safety and prevents damages.

Hammar Extra Lightning

Extra lights

Equip the Hammar Sideloader with extra LED lights for safer and more efficient operations with limited daylight. E.g. illumination of twist locks, extra reverse lights, or extra warning lights etc.



Reduce your tare weight, increase your payload and reduce wear and fuel consumption.

Lightweight Chassi

LightWeight Chassi

Optimized chassis structure and materials reduces the tare weight by 270-470 kgs depending on model. Available with alloy landing legs & carbon fender brackets. Available for chassis model S and C.

Aluminium Rims

Aluminium rims

Aluminium rims reduces tare weight by 100-200 kg, while giving better heat distrubution, longer lifetime for tyres, brakes etc. and lowered fuel consumption. Gives a sleek and polished finish.



Personalize the look and style of your Hammar Sideloader. Your advertising on the road.

Painting Options

Painting options

Choose from a number of painting options. Colors of chassis and cranes. What type of paint, Hammar standard, metallic, clear coating or with zinc primer.

Aluminium Rims

Aluminium rims

Aluminium rims gives a sleek and polished finish. Also reduces tare weight by 100-200 kg, while giving heat distrubution, longer life time for tyres, brakes etc. and lowered fuel consumption.

Stainless Steel Lightbar

Stainless steel light bar

A high polished stainless steel light bar, with round LED lights. Gives a sleek and high-end look.

Hammar Advertisement Plate

Advertisement plate

Personalize your Hammar with advertisement plates mounted on the sideguards or at the back crane of the 195 model. Choose color, graphics, text etc according to your needs.

Mud Guards


Choose from standard mud guards and full width mud guards. Available with custom prints as option.


Power Source

Choose how to power your Hammarlift.

Hammar Truck Hydraulics

Truck Hydraulics

Mount or use an existing hydraulic pump & power take-off on your truck and use the truck to power the Hammar. Significantly less tare weight and maintenance costs compared to a power pack.

Sideloader Powerpack

Power Pack

Power the Hammar by mounting a separate engine on the chassis. Makes the unit powered independently of any truck.

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