Hammar Sideloader Polar Logistics Main

With growing concerns about the future of the polar regions there are increasing demands for more monitoring and research. A large majority of the research is field based, requiring equipment and teams to be on site. This means that a constant flow of supplies needs to be established, and a constant flow of supplies to one of the most remote locations on earth is extremely expensive.

Once supplies reach land, solutions for the land-based logistics is needed. Flights can be used to reach a few bases further inland, but it’s often more cost-efficient to use land logistics from the coast. Multiple locations can only be reached by land, which are hard to access in the extreme enviroment. In short, the logistics requirements are extraordinary.

Key benefits

Application examples

Artic Sideloader snow train

Relocatable laboratories/facilities & stations

Due to the extreme conditions mobility is very valuable.

Arctic container Lifting foot plates

Supplies for maintanance, crew etc.

Supplies constantly has to be delivered from the outside.

Sidelifter in the artic

Deployable observatories and platforms

Various autonomous platforms are be transported and lifted by the Sideloader.

Self-loading container sledge

Establishing or moving research stations

Easy and safe to transport and deliver materials.