Rig Loader

Hammar sideloader Rig Large

The first Rig loader was built in 2010 and is designed to handle the most extrme loads. The first Rig loaders was built for ITAC Services in Austrlia, to replace the use of a mobile crane and handle oil field drilling rigs, masts etc.

The Rig loader is built available with up to 45 tonnes lifting capacity, has a special safety system, counter weights to handle wide loads or to lift heavy loads far out, a telescopic chassis that can be built up to 60' long and special designed extendable cranes.

Advantages in short

+ Safer than alternatives: allows for single person operation and spotting, allowing for fewer personnel in the vicinity while lifting

+ Provides precise lifting and setting down due to the use of two crane arms and a single operator

+ Less sensetive to windy conditions

+ No need to hire mobile cranes and rig trucks.

+ Can do the equivalent work of a 150 tnm crane.

Features & options

Hammar Rigloader Flatrack

Extendable cranes

Extendable top arms allows the handling of extra wide loads and the placing of rigs high above the ground. Has 20 tonnes lifting capacity at maximum outreach (1,1m).

Hammar Sideloader 60'Ft

Extreme lenght

The rig loader can be built to handle up to 60' loads, and even then it can handle even larger loads by transfering them to another chassis.

Hammar Sideloader Lifting Beam

Spreader bar

Use a spreader bar to to lift all loads smaller than 20', up to 30 tonnes.

Rig Loader Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winch

A 15,000 kg hydraulic can be mounted on the Hammar.

Image Gallery

Hammar Rigloader Road Train
Hammar Rigloader Heavy Lift
Hammar155 Sidelifter Transfer Trailer
Hammar Rigloader Sideloader
Hammar Riglifter Transfer