Rent a Hammar

Vehicle rental and leasing is an important business for Hammar in Australia and New Zealand. Rental companies have noticed how much customers appreciate Hammar sideloaders, and when combined with reliability and the high level of service, the brand has become the obvious choice for many.

Family-owned Rentco Transport Equipment in Perth with its fleet of 2,500 vehicles is Australia’s biggest rental agent of equipment for the heavy transport sector. They have their own service centres and staff with a good understanding of the applicable transport regulations. The company has several sideloaders from Hammar in its range.

“Generally, our customers use sideloaders to satisfy their customers’ demands for unloading a container while it is standing on the ground and also being able to operate with maximum payload. In recent years, it has also become increasingly common for sideloaders to be used as mobile cranes to quickly lower a full container to the ground, load an empty one and then go on to the next assignment,” says Paul Scott, National Business Manager at Rentco.

The company has been renting out sideloaders from Hammar for several years now and is very satisfied with the results.

“There’s no other manufacturer that has the same network of nationwide and high-quality service centres as Hammar. In addition, they are well represented in Australia, with staff and management team who ensure that any problems that occur get resolved quickly.”

Paul Scott stresses that he wants suppliers who work with the same passion as Rentco in dealing with customers, especially considering that Hammar often work directly with Rentco customers.
“The confidence that Hammar inspires in our customers also has an influence on our success. Furthermore, they have a product that is easy and safe to use, and which Hammar is behind all the way. All this makes it difficult for their competitors to get a foothold.”

Over 30 Hammarlifts

Semi Skel Hire is another rental company that rents out Hammar sideloaders. The company has been in operation since 1991 and has a total of 1,150 trailers for rent.

“We are a wholly-owned family business and we are responsible for the maintenance of our entire trailer fleet. We make sure to hand-pick the most qualified mechanics to ensure we offer the best service,” stresses the company’s Managing Director, Geoff Kelly.

It was in 2007 that Semi Skel Hire purchased their first sideloader from Hammar.
“Since then we’ve continued to grow, and we now have over 30 sideloaders from Hammar in our fleet. A variety of transport companies rent our Hammar sideloaders, and the biggest advantage – as customers put it – is the simplicity of quickly setting the container down on the ground. Our customers have a positive attitude to Hammar sideloaders and often declare that they are both user-friendly and reliable.”

Why did you choose Hammar sideloaders to begin with?

“We contacted various manufacturers once we’d decided to include sideloaders in our fleet. We very soon found that Hammar was the only one that could fulfil our requirements when it came to axles and other components that are standard in our trailer fleet.”

A key supplier

TR Group Ltd is a privately-owned company in New Zealand, founded on 15 November 1992, whose business is based on a unique corporate culture with strong values. TR Group is a leasing and rental company that exclusively specialises in heavy vehicles, and it has included sideloaders in its range since 1995.

“Our goal is to be the best in the world at renting out trucks and trailers," says Brendan King, General Manager of TR Group.

They purchased their first sideloader from Hammar in 2001, and things went on from there.
“Thanks to the market liking their product and Hammar maintaining such a high level of service, they have become one of our key suppliers. Hammar sideloaders have a good life cycle cost, they are reliable, and we also have a very good relationship with Hammar’s representatives here in New Zealand,” says Brendan.

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