Hammar 160 S FC 1 14 Scale Model
05 Jul - 22

Launching new scale 1:14 Hammar 160 build model

We're happy to introduce the first official 1:14 scale Hammar Sideloader crane model, the FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14! This is a unique, life-like, high-quality model of the Hammar 160, built and designed by FC 1:14 Models ApS in cooperation with Hammar.

The model is built and designed for the big enthusiasts looking for something special. It is prepared for a fully functional hydraulic system, only requiring the addition of a pump, return filter and valve blocks to operate the cranes and stabilisers. All parts are made in Denmark, and the plates are made in Brass (MS63), which prevents corrosion and makes the parts easy to both glue and solder. It even has a CE-marked lifting capacity of 2,7 kg!

The FCM HAMMAR 160 S 1:14 crane set is compatible with other 1:14 scale trucks & trailers. For now, it is available to order as a set of 2 cranes with stabilisers, but the plan is to be able to order it with a trailer, hydraulic kit etc. in the future.

Technical data
Dimensions : H/192 x B/178 x D/37 mm.
Weight: Ca 900 g per crane.
The build kit includes hydraulic fittings and hoses from valve blocks + forward / back to the cranes
The model is designed for a working pressure of 12 bar.

To order, see more pictures or get more information check out FC 1:14 Models ApS website or email them directly at:



Hammar 160 S FC 1 14 Scale Model
All Parts
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