As standard in the USA, the HAMMAR 150 is built with a gooseneck chassis to be able to legally transport HC (9′ 6″) containers. With a gooseneck chassi, the Safe Working Load (SWL) is 72.700 lbs (33 tonnes). Without a gooseneck chassis, the SWL becomes 81.500 lbs (37 tonnes) as standard, with 99.200 lbs (45 tonnes) as option. With 99.200 lbs option the cranes are tested with 123.400 lbs (56 tonnes), making the HAMMAR 150 series the largest and strongest sideloaders in the world!

“C” stands for for Combined. It’s a functional combination of a telescopic chassis and sliding cranes that will always give exceptional load distribution for 20′-40′ containers. An excellent choice when transporting 20′ loads into confined areas where space is limited. The C-chassis can handle 20′-40′ (45′ or larger loads on request) containers and flats.

Comes with 66.100 lbs stacking capabilities, with extra stabilisers for safe operations, as standard.