NPSA Trade Show, Las Vegas October 25-27

2014-04-28 | 10:54 | admin

HAMMAR Lift participated at the Latino Truck Show in Pomona October 17-18. The HAMMAR in the Booth was a HAMMAR 195 C and it was shown lifting a Freightliner race truck owned and driven by Mike Ryan, the famous Californian race truck and stunt driver. Mike is well known for his fantasic runs with the Freighliner truck at Pikes Peak in Colorado, but also for participating in several films as stunt driver including Terminator II.

Lot’s of people visited the HAMMAR booth to look both at the HAMMAR and at Mike’s truck. Many were fascinated to see the HAMMAR and learn about the high lifting capacity and all possible combinations that the trailer is capable of, 20’, 2x 20’, 40’ and even 45’ containers.