New HAMMAR for SKANSKA, Cortez, Colorado

2014-04-28 | 10:58 | admin

HAMMAR Lift has delivered a HAMMAR 151 HC to Skanska USA, one of the nation’s major construction companies. The machine is to be deployed throughout the Skanska Rocky Mountain region from its base at SKANSKA’s Cortez, Colo., headquarters.

Skanska’s heavy civil projects in the Rocky Mountain region include unique assignments, such as construction of a geotechnical cap for the Hazardous Waste Landfill at Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colo. The company builds infrastructure projects such as roads and dams. Skanska contracts with mining, power and industrial customers to build highways, dams, airport runways and other major infrastructure projects.

With many different projects on the go at any time, Skanska is involved in moving workshops, generator sets and equipment in containers around the region. Now, what took hours to execute, can be completed in minutes using the HAMMAR sideloader. There’s an additional benefit that comes from using the Hammar trailer-mounted handler: The boxes can be set on the ground for much easier and safer access by Skanska’s staff.