Mid American Trucking Show

2014-04-28 | 10:58 | admin

Thousands of people watched the HAMMAR on Mid American Truck Show March 25 to 27 in Louisville, Kentucky. The most experienced HAMMAR operator in the US, Mats Landen (Mats on MATS!) lifted an ISO flat rack with Mike Ryans Freightliner race truck on top pretty much through the opening hours, all three show days. The booth was manned with HAMMAR Lift staff, but also had Ben Hammar, the man who invented the HAMMAR sideloader 36 years ago, present during the show.

Mike Ryan was also present, meeting with the crowd and formalizing HAMMAR Lift’s sponsorship for his Pike Peaks challenge. Mike who is best known for his stunt work with big rigs on the white screen, has won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb not less than eleven times. Look at more info about Mike on www.fastrucks.com.

HAMMAR Lift also hosted “Trucker Buddy” in their booth. Trucker Buddy is a non profit pen friend organisation, dedicated to helping educate and mentor schoolchildren. Look at more information about them on www.truckerbuddy.org.

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