Automatic laser cutter increases quality

2014-04-28 | 10:53 | admin

Hammar Maskin’s new top of the line automatic laser cutter system has just come on stream. It is a 4 kWMazak Space Gear 510 Mk II, connected to a steel sheet tower magazine, with a loader, allowing the laser cutter to operate un-manned during night time. In fact, even the secluded production hall for it, is new.

With the possibility to tilt the laser head in a 53° angle, we now don’t have to post chamfer weld surfaces in a second work stage, which saves us a lot of precious production time.

This USD 1.7 million investment is a way for Hammar to remain in control of quality and still lower production costs and time. It is now being used for cutting all steel plates and profiles for our crane arms. The laser beam is cutting with an extremely high precision, which improves both the quality and conformity of the cranes quite dramatically.